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This is not trendy, this is our reality...

Because it is high time to get started, the Maison Lipault is also committed by your side to make your moves more responsible trips.
Whether through our production lines, our stores, our head office (HQE excellent certified - sustainable building) or the products we develop ; each step is designed to minimize the footprint we leave on our planet.

Lipault’s programme to become MORE SUSTAINABLE

At Lipault, products are made to last. Everything that leave our factories go through numerous of tests to insure the Best quality everytime.

Did you know that each luggage we produced undergoes a battery of tests to ensure optimal quality and durability: for example we test 3000 times the resistance of the handles, we test the wheels on a treadmill strewn with obstacles (sand, stones, holes ...) over 32 kilometers, we test its resistance to temperature changes, down to -12 ° C ...

Besides, do not count of us to just replace your luggage if something goes wrong. Because we know you cheerish your own luggage and because we don’t want to inject more plastic into the world, all the wheeled items are systematically repeared as soon it is possible to do so

This what we have to offer, a true companion that will keep with you as long as possible.

Paper and plastic at Lipault?
Yes... but not only !

Concerned about its legacy to the world, Lipault is committed, on a daily basis, to limit its consumption.

The labels that we use to inform you about our products are made from paper from properly managed and certified forests (FSC Mix label). This label guarantees that at least 70% of the fibers used are recycled or come from forests certified "well managed".

Moreover, Lipault labels are printed with soy ink, which is less polluting than traditional ink. This ink makes it easier to recycle paper.

Regarding our products, Lipault is launching in autumn 2021 its very first line of eco-responsible bags. Thanks to the Recyclex ™ innovation, 90% of the bag is made of woven polyester from plastic bottle recycling (RPET), and the remaining 10% is materials that can be easily recycled.

Let's not get carried away! Or almost…
Lipault replaces the packaging protecting the products of the 4TMRW collection with recycled plastic packaging! The latter will gradually be generalized to all products, thus eliminating the traditional plastic packaging of your Lipault items.

Supply Chain

We work closely with our suppliers and factories to ensure that the products we have imagined and designed are produced responsibly. Beyond the purely production aspect, we also ensure the well-being and working conditions of all those working on the design of our products. Aware of the future challenges that lie ahead, we will continue to promote the implementation of our standards and guarantee the protection of human rights throughout of our supply chain

Our short term target

Reducing our impact on climate change is a major part of our daily life, and to the group to which we belong. Thus, clear objectives within the Samsonite group have been set concerning the reduction of carbon emissions and, by 2025, the group should be able to reach 100% of renewable energies used for the proper conduct of its activities.

Our efforts matter to you ?

So let's fight together! And let's continue to design our future trips, always more responsible and respectful of our wonderful planet!